The People's Festival of Nature

Foto: Hans Ravn

Get involved and enlightened on nature

The People’s Festival of Nature is an annual celebration held since 2016 of everything nature has to offer and with 30,000 attendees.

The festival centers around a public debate, where politicians, scientists, organizations, and the public unite to discuss and debate on a variety of issues and topics involving nature.

The People’s Festival of Nature serves as an agenda-setting platform in a participatory community.

Sustainability, pro-environmental, and innovation are keywords on the agenda; however, recreational outdoor activities and family-orientated events are also part of the Festival.

What is nature? What does nature mean to you? How do we use nature as a resource? Are we responsible as individuals, as a community? What more can we do? These are questions we want the public to think about and try to form an opinion on. We aspire to bring people together to discuss, debate, and get involved and enlightened on nature.

Who is invited?

The Festival has 3 pillars: political, professional, and public. It is a major event in Denmark, attracting significant Danish and international organizations. The Danish Minister of the Environment and Food participates, along with many other important politicians representing the Danish Parliament. Furthermore, the leading Danish universities and scientists come and present their latest research and projects. On account of the massive national participation, there is extensive media coverage of the Festival.

Families, nature enthusiasts, students, professionals, and many others enjoy and participate in the three days of activities and debates that comprise the People’s Festival of Nature. 

What activities are there?

During a "normal" festival, We have several major stages: Thunderdome – for public and political debates, concerts and the main events. Life – for intimate debates and discussions in a talkshow environment. Learn – for workshops and lectures. Roots – debates, lectures, and workshops for the younger audience. Then we have 3 other areas – the Village, which contains 80 stands for organizations, political parties, and companies; Explore – which features a range of activities in and/or about nature. Lastly, we have an area called Family, which centers around activities for children and families.

The People’s Festival of Nature is held in northern Denmark in the industrial town of Hirtshals, which is surrounded by beautiful and varied natural vegetation, as well as the North Sea.